Therapeutic Skin Care

Apicare’s healing honey therapeutic range is formulated to help repair, soothe, calm & hydrate troubled skin. Apicare products offer targeted relief for dry sensitive skin prone to eczema and dermatitis. Made in New Zealand using medical grade Manuka honey sourced from our own beehives & effective botanicals. 

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Repair me intensive treatment handcreme

Repair me Intensive Treatment handcreme gives fast, long lasting relief to very dry, flaky skin. Relieves the uncomfortable, tight sensation of dry skin and the discomfort caused by chaffing & minor splits. UMF15+ Manuka honey heals small cuts & cracks in the skin. Calendula oil with its potent & complex array of phytonutrients helps with natural healing. Repair me is a great solution for people that are required to perform regular, repeated hand washing like nurses and hairdressers and folk that work with chemicals & drying agents that damage and deplete the skins natural balance .
$26.98 incl GST

Repair me intensive treatment handcreme

Repair me Intensive Treatment handcreme gives fast, long lasting relief to very dry, flaky skin. Relieves the uncomfortable, tight sensation of dry skin and the discomfort caused by chaffing & minor splits. We receive great feedback about Repair me from those with troublesome & sensitive skins that have struggled finding anything to help in the past. A great solution for people that are required to perform regular, repeated hand washing, or work with chemicals & drying agents or are naturally prone to dry problem skin.
$17.97 incl GST

Manuka Therapy 30% honey skin creme

Award winning Manuka Therapy 30% honey creme contains a large percentage of medical grade Manuka honey to maximize healing. Manuka honey has beneficial effects on our skin due largely to the diverse range of flavonoids and phenolic acids it contains. Formulated with generous volumes of effective anti-inflammatory botanical oils and extracts to help replace lost moisture in the skin. Contains bee propolis for its capacity to help skin cell growth & wound repair. Fragrance & artificial colour free. Use as needed. Apply to damaged skin and gently rub in. The photos of Jame's skin are very graphic. The first photo shows James's skin radiation burns from cancer treatment and with the prescription cream on his face. The second image shows the top half of Jame's face with our Manuka Therapy 30% honey cream and the lower half with the prescription cream. The 3rd photo shows James' skin clear after changing treatment for the total burn area to Manuka therapy 30% honey cream.
$20.98 incl GST

Rescue me all purpose soothing gel

Aloe Vera is combined with our signature Manuka Honey MGO 500+ and cooling essential oils to deliver instant relief to red, inflamed, itchy and burning skin. Aloe Vera contains many beneficial vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids and along with Manuka honey provides a superior soothing gel. Rescue me really works well on insect bites and rashes by soothing and cooling the skin, reducing the need to itch and scratch.
$20.98 incl GST

Restore me honey nut body butter

Restore me honey nut body butter is packed full of wonderful Manuka honey, nourishing plant oils & creamy plant butters to give your skin a natural mega moisture treatment. Contains nourishing volumes of UMF15+ Manuka honey, Aloe Vera to soothe & hydrating oils Macadamia, Sweet Almond & Jojoba. The use of natural plant oils rather than mineral oils (that appear in many body butters on the market) mean our body butters really do nourish and feed dry skin. Helps form a protective layer to seal in moisture.
$27.97 incl GST

Honey Bronze

Keep a summer tan all year round with Honey Bronze. Honey Bronze contains a natural tanning ingredient derived from sugar to give your skin a natural glow. Build up your tan by applying several layers.
$22.98 incl GST

Revive Me beeswax lipbalm

NOW 15g Revive me is a thick, waxy, protective, 100% natural lip balm. Revive me lip balm contains natural plant oils, N Z beeswax and Manuka honey to smooth & protect your lips from drying out. Propolis and Tea Tree helps give anti-bacterial protection & Peppermint essential oil gives that cool tingle you feel when you first apply. In cold weather Revive me can be quite firm. TIP: Crack the top of the balm with your finger nail. This helps you get more of the waxy goodness. You will find that you don't need to keep applying like a mineral oil lip balm. Packed a recyclable aluminum tin.
$10.98 incl GST

Protect me beeswax lip balm

This natural balm contains a natural zinc SPF15 to protect your lips from sun and wind. Made with pure New Zealand beeswax, natural plant oils, MGO 500+ Manuka honey, Propolis and Tea Tree oil to help heal dry and cracked lips. This formula stays on hour after hour giving long lasting moisture and protecting lips in all weathers. Anti-bacterial Tea Tree oil & propolis give anti- bacterial benefits while the Peppermint oil gives that tangy tingle you feel when you first apply.
$8.50 incl GST

Manuka Lip Save

Manuka Lip Save melts into your lips, hydrating, conditioning, protecting & softening with 100% natural ingredients. Containing Manuka honey from our own bee hives along with nourishing plant oils, butters and mineral sunscreen to protect from UVA and UVB rays. 100% Natural & naturally derived SPF15 AS/NZ 2604:2012
$11.98 incl GST

Cold Sore Lip Relief Balm

Cold Sores can come on suddenly & usually at the most inconvenient time. Prevention is better than cure and that is what Cold Sore Lip relief Balm is formulated to do. Cold Sore Lip Relief balm is formulated with the amazing and effective Melissa, commonly known as Lemon Balm. Research has shown Melissa essential oil shortens the healing time, helps prevent infection and contributes to the rapid effect of typical symptoms of herpes like itching, tingling, burning, stabbing & tautness. Formulated to help people prone to cold sores and to prevent more cold sores. Use daily as often as needed. Packed in a 10g tube to keep the product sterile. European double blind, placebo controlled research * showed effectiveness of a 1% Melissa officinalis cream for the treatment of herpes simplex viruses 1 & 2 . Research showed a shortened healing period & benefits in preventing the spread of infection. It also contributed to the help of typical symptoms of herpes like itching, tingling, burning and swelling sometimes felt with cold sores.
$17.97 incl GST

Very Hardworkers soap

A creamy vegetable soap with pure plant oils and finely ground pumice to clean grubby hands, feet and knees naturally. Leaves skin soft, clean and refreshed and ever ready for the next big project.
$11.98 incl GST

Very Hardworkers Handcreme

Very Hardworkers handcreme is different from other cremes. The thick, rich balm has been formulated specially for very dry rough and damaged skin. It is excellent for very dry skin, cuticles, elbows, knees and cracked heels. Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort. Guaranteed to work. How to Use: Lightly massage well into damaged dry skin. Massaging in the creme will help the skin absorb the natural goodness from the hive. Use twice daily or as often as needed. Use sparely - a little really does go a long way. See images of David's hands - before treatment and 2 weeks after using Very Hardworkers handcreme
$25.98 incl GST

Cleanse me hand & body wash

Cleanse me is a soap free, safe gentle natural wash using natural ingredients to cleanse your skin. Gentle surfactants create a luxurious foam that gently cleanses your skin without drying it, leaving your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Enriched with Manuka honey to soothe and Aloe Vera to help calm irritated skin. Visit "" style="text-decoration: underline;">about us for hints on how to help Save the Honeybee.
$24.98 incl GST

Pore Soles nourishing foot creme

Naturally softens dry skin with pure plant oils, UMF15 Manuka honey and therapeutic essential oils. Pore Soles is formulated to provide moisture and soften dry skin while cooling tired feet. Contains effective essential oils for their therapeutic and cooling properties.
$19.98 incl GST

Saving Face skin balancing face moisturiser

Saving Face skin balancing face moisturiser contains UMF15 Manuka Honey and anti-oxidant vitamins E and C to help boost and maintain skins natural moisture balance while enhancing skin cell renewal. Our blend of natural anti-aging ingredients and nourishing plant oils will ensure that dry areas are banished and your skin is left soft and soothed.
$17.97 incl GST

Breathe easy balm

For temporary relief of respiratory problems, coughs, colds, flu, sinusitis and mucous congestion.  The vapors from the essential oils work at breaking up congestion for stuffy head colds and chests. Nine effective essential oils and extracts combine together to provide an natural solution. To Use: Rub Breathe Easy Balm over chest, back and throat to help relieve congestion.  You can also place a thin layer of balm on your temples and under your nose.
$19.98 incl GST

Buzz off bug balm

Buzz Off Bug Balm is a natural, effective balm for repelling sand flies, mosquitoes and other biting bugs. This balm uses natural essential oils known for their ability to beat off the bugs. Apply frequently to exposed skin to keep the bugs away. Contains NO Deet. Contains a strong blend of essential oils so wash hands well after applying. For this reason we recommend you patch test on children under two years of age.
$19.98 incl GST

Sleep easy balm

Daily living sometimes causes stress, which can make having a good nights sleep difficult. Sleep easy balm contains therapeutic essential oils chosen for their sleep inducing properties. The essential oils used in this balm help enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep.  Lavender  assists relaxation, mandarin calms and vetiver helps ease restlessness.
$19.98 incl GST

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