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Royal Jelly & Pollen lip butter with SPF15

This 100% natural lip butter features zinc oxide to provide natural protection from UVB and UVB suns damaging rays. Combined with New Zealand beeswax, Manuka honey, nourishing plant oils and butters resulting in a thick, creamy balm that not only hydrates but also protects. Pure essential oils impart a subtle yummy flavour.
$8.61 excl GST

Royal Jelly & Pollen nourishing hand crème

This gentle handcream features a selection of nourishing plant oils and butters specifically chosen for their ability to boost the skins natural moisture level and provide sustained hydration. Blended with moisture retaining manuka honey and vitamin and mineral rich bee pollen and royal jelly, this fragrant handcream keeps skin soothed and nails and cuticles in top condition.
$16.52 excl GST

Royal Jelly & Pollen rich natural body creme

This soothing body creme has a gorgeous fragrance and a wonderful texture. Rich in Manuka honey and an abundance of natural moisturising extracts and oils to hydrate. Contains everything dry skin could possibly need. Formulated to add and retain moisture to the skins surface making skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Use daily to improve skin texture and tone.
$20.70 excl GST

Gift bag Royal Jelly handcreme & lip butter

Royal jelly gift bag contains our 100% natural royal jelly and pollen lip butter with sun protection, as well as our natural emollient rich hand cream featuring our delicate floral citrus fragrance. Plus the 100% natural lip butter and Royal Jelly handcreme come in an attractive and very useable cosmetic bag.
$30.43 excl GST

Mango & Papaya lip butter with SPF15

Mango and Papaya lip butter is a natural SPF 15 lip butter formulated to protect lips from UVA and UVB rays. This 100% lip butter will ensure your lips stay smooth, hydrated and protected. Packed with Manuka honey, beeswax, plant oils and plant butters dry and sunburnt lips will be a thing of the past. Zinc Oxide is one of the best sun protection ingredients effectively blocking both UVA and UBV sun rays.
$8.61 excl GST

Mango & Papaya nourishing hand crème

Scrummy, yummy and delicious. Our addictive tropical fragrance and fantastic natural formula will have you crying out for more. This is a nourishing handcream that is quickly absorbed leaving your hands and cuticles nourished and protected. A great selection of botanical extracts, oils and butters to maintain optimal moisture levels at the skins surface.
$16.52 excl GST

Mango & Papaya rich natural body butter

A nourishing body butter containing lots and lots of Manuka honey, hydrating plant oils and plant butters, creating an ultra-rich body butter to provide your skin with 24 hour hydration. Perfect for large areas of dry skin that need intense moisture. Not only does this body butter put paid to dry skin but it features a wonderfully decadent fruity fragrance to delight the senses.
$20.70 excl GST

Gift bag with mango handcreme & lip butter

Yummy, scrummy mango and papaya. This gift bag contains our natural hydrating hand cream and our 100% natural lip butter with sunscreen in our ever popular tropical fragrance that will have you dreaming of summer. Comes in an attractive cosmetic travel bag.
$30.43 excl GST

Pomegranate lip butter with SPF15

Pomegranate lip butter is a 100% natural lip butter containing soothing plant oils, butters and a natural mineral sunscreen to provide an natural SPF 15 protection. Lips are both nourished and protected. Manuka honey is added for its hydrating abilities and pure essential oils impart a subtle scrummy flavour. Zinc Oxide provides the natural SPF 15 factor effectively protecting against UVA and UVB rays.
$8.61 excl GST

Pomegranate nourishing hand crème

This is a natural, non-greasy handcream that works to hydrate dry skin without leaving an oily residue. Packed with plant oils and botanical extracts specifically chosen for their anti-aging, anti-oxidant and restorative ingredients. This easily absorbed formulation is sure to nourish and protect hands and nails.
$15.57 excl GST

Pomegranate rich natural body butter

Prevent dry skin with apicare's ultra rich body butter. Formulated with our special blend of botanicals enriched with Shea butter and our Manuka honey . Pomegranate body butter will nourish and hydrate your skin and prevent moisture loss. Perfect for large areas of dry skin and ensuring 24 hour hydration.
$20.70 excl GST

Gift bag with Pomegranate hand crème & lip butter

This attractive gift bag contains our 100% natural pomegranate lip butter with SPF 15 and a fresh spearmint flavour, as well as our natural emollient rich manuka honey and pomegranate hand cream. Comes in an attractive cosmetic travel bag.
$30.43 excl GST

Warm Vanilla lip butter with SPF15

Warm Vanilla lip butter is a natural lip butter containing NZ beeswax, Manuka honey, nourishing plant oils and soothing plant butters to hydrate and moisturise your lips. Contains a 100% natural SPF15 natural zinc sunscreen which protects your lips from damaging and aging UVA and UVB rays. What a perfect combination.
$8.61 excl GST

Warm Vanilla nourishing hand crème

Free from mineral oils and synthetic fillers our hand cremes features natural ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate tired thirsty skin. Formulated for overall hand care your skill will appreciate the nourishing goodies and you will appreciate the divine, addictive fragrance.
$16.52 excl GST

Warm Vanilla and Manuka honey body creme

Warm Vanilla body creme is a rich nourishing body creme that will your skin feeling silky smooth and velvety soft. Skin loving Jojoba oil, Macadamia nut oil and Shea butter really condition dry skin. To that great combination of plant oils we have added our super hydrating Manuka honey to moisturise.
$20.70 excl GST

Gift bag with Warm Vanilla hand crème & lip butter

This smart and attractive cosmetic travel gift bag  contains our addictive warm vanilla lip butter with natural SPF 15, and our scrummy warm vanilla and manuka honey hand creme.
$30.43 excl GST

Honey Indulgence with Shea Butter

Honey Indulgence Creamy Soap is a triple milled soap made with Manuka honey, glycerin and shea butter. Honey Indulgence delivers a rich, luxurious lather with a delicious summer fragrance.
$8.61 excl GST

Honey Blossom with Shea Butter

Honey Blossom is a triple milled, vegetable based soap made with Manuka honey, glycerin and Shea Butter to create a creamy hydrating lather. Fragranced with delicate orange blossom.
$8.61 excl GST

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