We have always been conscious of the environment and the impact that manufacturing can have on the world we live in.

We have never partaken in animal testing and never will. None of our products, in either the product development or final production phase, have ever been tested on animals.

As much of our packaging and as many ingredients as possible are sourced from New Zealand suppliers wherever possible.

All of our printing is done using environmentally friendly inks. We use Arrowstar UV 7700 inks which are environmentally responsible and contain replenishable soy vegetable oil. These inks are water soluble ensuring that solvents and harsh chemicals are not required for clean up after printing is completed.

We are transitioning from our plastic pots to glass. Most of this has now been done with only a few items left to do.

We are also transitioning our tubes to sugar cane plastic, this is taking a little longer,  because every formula has to be tested in the new tubes for a long time to make sure there is no issues over the life of the product.   The first tube to be made of 100% sugar cane plastic is our Manuka Therapy 30% honey creme.

Our Very Hardworkers Handcreme pots are made from recycled plastic.  So our white pots have a bit of a grey tinge to them, but that's OK.

All labels are biodegradable and boxes are recyclable. All of the paper and board used in Apicare packaging are environmentally responsible, are chlorine free and are sourced from companies certified under the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI)

All orders are dispatched using environmentally responsible products comprising cardboard boxes, shredded paper and potato starch chips to ensure the sound delivery of our products.

All large export orders are sent by sea.