About Us

Our History

With over 28 years of beekeeping and history in the health and beauty skincare industry, our Apicare brand is internationally established and trusted. 

Apicare was the first company in the world to use Manuka honey in skincare products.

Apicare is known for its high quality products that promote healing. Apicare continues to strive to use only the best natural ingredients including Manuka honey from our own bee hives.

Apicare specialises in time proven, natural skincare that really works.

For thousands of years honey has been used as a healer and one of the powerful honeys in the world Manuka is the foundation of the Apicare range.  Apicare use Manuka honey in every Apicare product and that Manuka honey is from Apicare's own bee hives. 

We really care about what goes onto your skin and believe that skincare can be both natural and high performing, without having a damaging effect on the planet.

Pam & Chas Reade