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Luxury tanning mitt
Code: M019

Directions to ensure you have a streak free professional finish.

Step 1.  Exfoliate your skin with Apicare's Smooth Exfoliating lotion.  This will remove the dead skin cells giving you a smooth even surface.

Step 2. Make sure your skin is really dry before applying Honey Bronze to your face, neck or body.  Take the mitt and gently rub in with light, short, circular motion.  Let dry. If you want a deeper tan wait until your skin is dry and apply another layer of Honey Bronze using your tanning mitt.

Do not over apply on the tops of feet, ankles and wrists to avoid colour build up.


Key Benefits

Gives a smooth even finish to your tan.

Soft Velvet finish to help a flawless tan.

Double sided and with a plastic inner to keep your hands clean.