Green Washing

You are probably aware of the term "green washing".

Sadly these days there seems to be a lot of companies doing this.  So we thought that we would pop down a few things to be aware of.


This is not policed in New Zealand, so companies can have one ot two ingredients in their product, in a very small percentage that are organic and call the product organic.  We think that is misleading.  If you are buying organic make sure the product has a third party certification.

Chemical Free

Literally everything on this planet is made from chemicals .  Skin care products cannot be chemical free.

Dermatologist Recommended/Approved

These terms simply mean that a dermatologist has recommended the product.  They may be earning a fee for this and it does not mean the product was rigorously screened or tested.

Preservative Free

This is possible if the product does not contain any water.  Any cream, wash or lotion that contains water needs to be preserved to ensure the product has a good shelf life,  and is safe to use until the expiry date.

Safe preservatives prevent harmful bacteria from causing infection.   It important that a product is preserved with a proven, safe preservative.



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