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About Us

Show your skin some love...

From honey bees to happy skin, Apicare specialises in time proven, natural skin care that really works.

For thousands of years honey has been used as a healer and New Zealand’s unique Manuka honey is the foundation of the Apicare range. We have been using the goodness of active Manuka honey from our own hives to make successful natural skin care for more than 21 years.

Apicare produce safe, natural, top quality skin care that is pH balanced, free from animal ingredients and cruelty free.  We really care about what goes onto your skin. Apicare believes skin care can be both natural and high performing, without having a damaging effect on the planet. 

For dry skin, sensitive skin, problem skin, skin that suffers from eczema, baby’s tender skin, hardworking rough skin and everyday normal skin that just needs to feel loved, we’ve got the remedy... a range of safe, affordable, hardworking natural skin care.


We love honey...

Pam_and_Chas_Reade.jpgIt might sound simple, but that's what our life's work is all about.

We've been using New Zealand's healing Manuka honey & bio active plant ingredients in our natural cosmetics for more than 21 years and we've seen the results. It really works.

And while our range of natural skin care has developed and grown over time, its essential ingredients remain the same: therapeutic active Manuka honey, natural plant oils and skin-boosting vitamins.

Top it all off with kindness and care – to you and the environment – and you've got the recipe for great natural skin care and happy, healthy skin.

Pam & Chas Reade


In the beginning...

Since the early 1980s, Chas has been beekeeping in the wild Waitakere hills of West Auckland.

It was a natural step for Pam to get busy in the kitchen, creating little pots of natural honey goodness from the beehives.

Pam's interest in natural remedies and honey-based formulas was years ahead of its time, and what started as a one person operation in her kitchen, has grown into a busy business, which exports to many countries.

Pam and Chas' home-based business became Apicare – the extensive range of pure, hardworking concentrations and top quality formulas you see today. They still use honey from their family's bee hives and one of their first formulas, the Very Hard Workers Handcreme is still a customer favourite, more than 21 years later.

Proud to have been the first company in the world to use Manuka honey in skin care and then the first to use active Manuka honey in skin care then UMF honey. Apicare natural skin care products are pH balanced and hypo-allergenic.

Plus they're free fromAnimal ingredients and testing, Mineral oils, Parabens, Propylene glycol, PEGS, Sodium lauryl sulphate and excessive price tags!