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the apicare promise

We promise to use the best, active natural ingredients in gentle formulas to provide you with top quality skin care. Pure natural ingredients you can count on.
Chas & Pam Reade

wonderful manuka honey

Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand. The honeybee collects nectar from the Manuka tree flowers. Research from Waikato University has shown that Manuka honey has anti bacterial activity. The term active is used to indicate the honey tested has an increased anti bacterial activity. We use active Manuka honey in all our skin care products.

the apicare philosophy

Our philosophy is the same today as it was over twenty years ago. Over twenty years ago Chas & I started producing honey skin care using honey from our bee hives.

our simple vision was:

To produce only top quality natural skin care that really worked using natural ingredients and our wonderful Manuka honey. To use ingredients & packaging that respected the environment we lived in. To produce products that were beneficial to the skin and safe to use. Today that vision is still the same.

natural nz manuka honey skin care

Apicare New Zealand’s range of natural active Manuka honey skincare products includes moisturiser, handcreme, soap and face cream for dry skin resulting from sensitive skin, or skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry, oily or itchy skin and other skin problems and disorders, as well as a full range of hand lotions, nail creams, body washes, creams, butters and lotions, lip balms, and hair care products packed with botanical ingredients and free from harsh chemicals to buy online.