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Manuka with Pomegranate

This 100% natural contains soothing plant oils and butters and a natural mineral sunscreen to provide an SPF 15 to ensure lips are both nourished and protected. Manuka honey is added for its hydrating abilities and pure essential oils impart a subtle scrummy flavour.
This is a natural, non-greasy handcrème that works to hydrate dry skin without leaving an oily residue. Packed with plant oils and botanical extracts specifically chosen for their anti-aging, anti-oxidant and restorative ingredients. This easily absorbed formulation is sure to nourish and protect hands and nails.
This petrolatum free body butter contains lots and lots of active manuka honey and plant based oils and butters – very hydrating. Perfect for getting on top of large areas of dry skin and ensuring 24 hour hydration.
This attractive gift bag contains our 100% natural pomegranate lip butter with SPF 15 and a fresh spearmint flavour, as well as our natural emollient rich manuka honey and pomegranate hand cream.