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An intensive night serum designed to hydrate and nourish the skin. Rich in restorative anti-aging ingredients to help even skin tone, retain moisture, reduce redness and irritation and diminish the signs of aging. This great natural formulation is rich in active botanicals. And best of all … it goes to work while you sleep.
A natural lotion that is rich in sebum compatible plant oils and Manuka honey, ensuring that it is absorbed rapidly and easily to leave skin hydrated, calmed and soothed. Free from fragrance, colour, alcohol and petrochemicals, this light natural formula is the ideal solution for those with sensitive and reactive skins prone to areas of redness or blotchiness.
Our Calming Calendula Soap contains soothing vegetable glycerin, calendula oil, Manuka honey and shea butter to ensure that its cleansing action is gentle and non-irritating. It is free from fragrance and features a 100% natural mineral colour. Contains no animal fats and triple milled to ensure a longer lasting soap.
A natural sulfate free wash for hands & body. Enriched with soothing Manuka honey, Aloe vera & pure essential oil this gentle formula is 99.2% natural. Also available in Fragrance Free version M08F
A natural sulfate free wash for hands & body. Enriched with soothing Manuka honey & Aloe Vera. This gentle formula is 99.2% natural. Fragrance Free version
Honey Sheen Conditioner uses gentle, effective ingredients to improve the condition of scalp and hair. Our selection of plant oils, Aloe Vera, hydrating Manuka Honey and Pro Vitamin B5 delivers a longer lasting shine for your hair. Great for those with sensitive skins and free from artificial colours and fragrances.
Our Manuka Natural Creamy cleanser allows you to cleanse and tone in one simple step. This exceptionally gentle cleanser removes excess oil, make up and daily debris without disrupting the skins natural mantle, ensuring that it does not dry or irritate your skin. Natural plant oils and manuka honey nourish, witch hazel tones and glycolic acid (sugar beet extract) removes surface dead skin cells. The result is a smoother, softer skin.
Our ultra-light, anti-aging eye concentrate is a daily essential for all skin types. Featuring proven natural ingredients to tighten and brighten while aiding skin recovery. Eyes right is a wonderfully light fragrance free crème, specially designed for the delicate eye area. It has a divine texture and absorbs rapidly and easily, just gently pat to apply.