Apicare New Zealand - Natural NZ Manuka Honey Skin Care

Product Information

We use only top quality and natural ingredients that have proven skin care benefits and ensure that all of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources.

All Apicare products meet the criteria set out in the European Union Directive for Cosmetic Safety and are clearly and accurately labelled in accordance with the EU guidelines.  We have always believed customers deserve to know what is in their skin care and have labelled in full right from our very first product prior to any legal requirements existing.

All Apicare products are tested for microbial safety during development and production.  We produce our skin care in small batches which are tested for bacteria, moulds and yeasts at pre-production, production and post-production pre-packaging stages so that you can be sure all Apicare skin care has been rigorously tested and is safe for you to use.

Preservative Information

The need to preserve arises only once water has been added to the formula, e.g. crèmes, lotions, body washes.  Water is a great breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, yeasts and mould, so over time skin care products that are not preserved or are preserved inadequately can become loaded with micro organisms.

The problem is that this can happen very quickly (within weeks) from the time it is manufactured and you may not be able to tell.  A product can often look, feel and smell normal but have high bacterial readings.   It is obviously not safe to be applying contaminated products to your skin, especially if you have cuts or nicks or if you are immunosupressed in any way. 

To ensure safety all products requiring a preservative should be challenge tested.  This involves applying a selection of micro organisms to the skin care product under accelerated conditions to ensure that the preservative system selected for the product is actually effective.

Crèmes, lotions and washes can be produced in small batches without the use of a preservative but need to be stored in the refrigerator and used within a few weeks of manufacture.  This is acceptable if you are making product for yourself at home and using it quickly but is not achievable for cosmetics that you buy online, in pharmacies, in supermarkets etc.

What does Honey & Herbs (N.Z.) Ltd use to preserve their products?

We use a mixture of different preservative combinations as listed below.  All these ingredients are listed as safe by the Cosmetics Ingredient Regulatory Expert Panel.

We use a mix of Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone (0.0015%) in some of our wash off products.

We do not use any preservatives in our balms.